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A cost-effective solution to heating your workplace.

Finding reliable heating systems can be a pain especially considering that every workplace comes with its own unique specifications and needs. For this, you need reliable and experienced partner to assist you in making the right decisions on the best heating systems for your plant as well as the proper installation of such equipment.

Workplace safety management design and install complete energy efficient heating systems utilising major brands such as Benson, ambirad, powrmatic and reznor.

We offer a complete range of services to ensure our customers are satisfied with both the product and installation. Our services include free of charge site visits, complete system design, running cost and payback details. Our gas safe engineers will install the systems and provide services packages to suit your requirements whether product is oil, gas fired we will ensure continuing performance of your heating system.

For heating, there are various options that are available each of them with its unique benefits and features. Some of these include:

What we do:

  • Warm air heating
  • Radiant tube systems
  • Air handling units combined heating and ventilation
  • Air rotation units
  • Door curtains
  • De stratification fans

Each of these systems is best suited for different is possible to find two or more of the same systems used in the same plant to increase efficiency while reducing consumption of electricity. Other than providing heating and ventilation solutions to your workplace, there are also other services that are offered that would help to improve the ventilation and heating.

Maintenance and service

We offer complete maintenance and service packages to prolong the life expectancy of your equipment and efficiency. Our gas safe engineers will provide priority response to breakdowns and will offer

For the equipment to work at efficiently and for longer, maintenance and servicing is required from time to time. With complete maintenance and service packages, you can easily lengthen the life expectancy of the equipment at your plant. We also offer breakdown repairs which we respond to urgently to save your business from any losses that could stem from a broken down heating or ventilation unit.

We also offer advice on how to keep your new equipment in good running condition and save on your running costs while maximizing the benefits that are offered by this equipment.

Energy efficiency

All the products that we offer meet the efficiency requirements that are set out by the building regulations of the UK PartL2B which are found on the carbon trust technology. To help cut the cost of operation and also consumption of power, we ensure that each of the heaters is fitted with sophisticated control systems that allow you to fine-tune the heaters to the preferred mode of operation and output and the heaters have an efficiency of up to 91%. With such features, you’re able to get more while using less and hence proving to be a pragmatic idea for every business application.

Applications for commercial and industrial heaters

Over the years, we have worked with many industries and commercial workplaces and have developed numerous technologies to allow them to improve their heating and ventilation systems and make them more efficient and effective. We offer industrial heating supplies for warehouse heating, industrial heating, office and retail stores, distribution centres and even schools.

With our deep experience and understanding of both indoor and outdoor spaces, you need to look no further for reliable heating applications. Other than supplying industrial heating and ventilation equipment we are also installers and can assist you with that as well and ensure that you’re able to make the most out of our equipment.

Heating and ventilation is an integral part of any public space. We have taken the time and training to come up with the best solutions that are not only efficient but also those that ensure you get maximum benefits while cutting down on the cost of operation. With our advice and installation services, we can help you to get even more out of the systems you choose to have installed.

We are industrial heating suppliers Factory heating, warehouse heating, office and retail, schools, distribution centres, leisure and play areas, garden centres and churches, So look no further if you're after any heating applications. We are also industrial heating installers aswell, so we can supply and install any heating application for you too. Call us on 0116 2742336 today.

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